Sunday 25 June 2017
Mt Vernon
Event Type:
Marcus Diprose
Riki Cambridge
Sophie Harrison

Welcome to OY3 for 2017 hosted at Mt Vernon. Please see below for some important information on the event.

Map: Mt Vernon (remapped this year by Nick Hann)

Event Type: Long, Middle and Short red courses as well as Orange, Yellow and White courses available

Planner: Marcus Diprose

Controller: Riki Cambridge

Co-ordinator: Sophie Harrison

Start Times:  10:30am-1:30pm

Getting there: Head up to Summit Road above Christchurch and then over to Huntsbury Track.  The track will be sign posted.

Driving/ car pooling: Please note that the access track off Summit Road is relatively steep for a short distance - if you are concerned about your 2WD vehicle or if you are uncomfortable with driving off road then we recommend you catch a lift with a four wheel drive. In fairness to the landowner if you can combine a ride with someone else then please do so to reduce the tracking on the farmland.

Parking: Once you ascend Huntsbury Track towards the old airplane strip head through the wire fence (this will be down) and park where directed.  From there it is a short walk to the caravan and finish area.

Registration: At the caravan located up the hill from the parking area

Cost: Usual OY costs

Mt Vernon2

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