Sand Dune Training Day

Saturday 11 March 2017
Woodend South
Event Type:
Club Training
Trainings available for all levels.

2 sessions of about 45 minutes (not too long there's a cool OY the next day).

Time: 2 - 5 pm

Meeting Place: Woodend Beach Domain (the normal place)

The trainings will focus on sand dune skills - like simplification and attack points for orange/red level - and things like spot the track for yellow and white level (and figuring out which track is a fast track and which one is a slow sandy track:-).

Price: Free for members. Non-members $5.

Pre-Registration: Please enter using the entry form here, so we know how many maps to print of each level.

Note that Tuhaitara map is out of bounds as it is used for the big QB events - that is except the Domain. We'll be training on the old (but now slightly updated) Woodend Map and only using the forest south of the Tuhaitara map.

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