Training - Leithfield Dunes

Thursday 24 September 2020
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Peter Cleary

PAPO and UCOC will be holding trainings on most Sundays leading up to Nationals. 

Leithfield Training: Sunday 20th - 11am -12noon - End of Ashworth Beach Road

Peter Cleary has planned a red, an orange and a yellow course for the training. This is to get feeling for dunes back before Nationals in a bit more than a month's time.

There will be with little flags or streamers with codes to mark control sites. The flags and streamers will be left out until Thursday evening and the courses are available below for self print.

Leithfield Yellow map

Leithfield Orange map

Leithfield Red map

Free for PAPO club members and UCOC members.

Further trainings:

  • 4th October : Tuhaitara - Sand dunes (PAPO).
  • 11th October : Spencer Park- Relay training (UCOC)
  • 18th of October : Cobham Intermediate - Sprint training (UCOC).

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