Canterbury Schools: Long Distance (& public race)

Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival 2019

Sunday 15 September 2019
Spencer Park
Event Type:
Long Distance
Briana Steven
Jean Cory-Wright
Iona Powell

Start times for Sunday have been put back 1hr due to a MTB event in the forest. Your start time will be 1hr later than listed on the start list.

Format: Find all the controls in order over a longer distance (1.5-5km).  Harder courses will have longer legs with more route finding and navigation.

Terrain: Open under the forest canopy, grasslands and lots of pathways; with sand dunes on the harder courses.

Start times: Your start time will be allocated between 10am and 1pm (See note above on 1hr delay to starts)

Expected winning time: 30-45 minutes

Thanks for your entry. For event program and start lists see Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival 2019.


Public Race: 

Enjoy a jaunt around one of the Long courses used for the 2019 Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival.
Register on the day and grab a map to start yourself off at the punch start (no timed starts).
Limited maps numbers available.
$5 + $3 Sportident hire (free for helpers)
Starts from about 2-2.30pm, course closure at 3.30pm.

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