MTB orienteering McLeans Island

Saturday 14 December 2019
McLeans Island
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Graeme Read
Ryan Moore

MTBO is about map reading as you bike. The biking and navigation usually stays along trail and track networks, but can go over some open areas - do check for each event - as it can vary from event to event and on different areas of the map. This is great training for adventure race events (on a smaller scale) where you have a biking component. It requires different skills, because when the biker reaches higher speeds, the map reading becomes more challenging, so do take time to read the map. Many MTB orienteers have mapboards mounted on their handlebars to make it easy to read the map as you pedal. If you want to know where to get these, send us a message. 

Directions: Turn off McLeans Island Road at the McLeans Island Golf Club entrance, just east of the main Picnic Area entrance.

Registration from: 10:30

Start times: 11:00 to 12:00

Course closure: 2pm

Courses: Choose from two fixed-order courses, you must visit all controls in the order shown on the map:

  • Long - 22km with several fence crossings
  • Short - 14km with no fence crossings ( ideal for families) 

Terrain: Forestry roads with some directional single-track

Cost: Usual PAPO event costs  (please bring cash on the day)
A group may ride together paying one entry fee and sharing one map. $23 includes hire of Sportident tag (which is used to check-in at each control). Extra maps may be available for a team, bring an extra $2 per map.
Lower prices are available for juniors and PAPO members (membership registration form here)

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