MTB Orienteering - Bottle lake

Sunday 25 August 2019
Bottle Lake
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Ryan Moore
Dave Armstrong

MTBO is biking and navigation usually along trail and track networks, but can go over areas in-between. The areas you can bike are clearly marked on the legend on the map. This is great training for adventure race events (on a smaller scale) where you have a biking and navigation component. Map-reading whilst biking, can often be challenging especially when you go at speed, so do take time to read the map. Many MTB orienteers have mapboards mounted on their handle bars to make it easy to read the map and orientate the map as you pedal. If you want to know where to get these, send us a message, as one of our member make them, and can possibly bring some to the event if you order in advance.

We most probably will send out a form for you to register interest in the week before so we have enough maps.

Event Format: 90 minute score event (rogaine).

Start: Broadhaven Reserve, Bower Ave, Burwood.

Registration from: 10:00

Mass Start: 11:00am

Terrain: Forestry roads with some directional single-track

Cost: Usual PAPO event costs  (please bring cash on the day)

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