Summer Evening Sprint 2 - St Andrews College / Heaton

Tuesday 26 February 2019
St Andrews College
Event Type:
Summer Evening Sprint Series
Rupert Sheperd and Alice Egan
Linley Earnshaw
Chris Rowe
As the crow flies, so you can be sure the actual course is a bit longer due to the cunning of the planners.
Entry on the night - no pre-registration required.
Student $5 adult $10 max family $25
Registration from 5pm, starts from 5.30 to 7pm 
1. We are using electronic timing with entrants entering their own details on tablets under supervision
2. All children will be required to know an emergency contact telephone number.
3. All entrants must first pay / register before proceeding to the tablets. 
1.5k Easy
1,8k Medium
2.5k Hard
Open to club and non club members, all abilities.
Parking  is on Heaton Street towards Elmwood Park.
Registration is next to Elmwood Park and Elmwood Tennis Club. Please consider the tennis club members' needs in this area.
Public toilets available in Elmwood Park.
**Note to juniors who climbed over fences at Avonside - you are NOT allowed to cross an uncrossable fence (two ticks, thick line) on a sprint event. Disqualifications for anyone spotted doing so at StAC. Read more at
See page 4, " To make sprint orienteering fair to all competitors, it must be declared that competitors shall not pass/cross features which are represented on the map as impassable, independently of their effective passability"
The weather will be good!

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