OY1 - Orton Bradley

Sunday 17 February 2019
Orton Bradley
Event Type:
Matt Scott
Lara Scott
Viv Prince
The first Oreinteer of the Year [OY] event for the competitive ones but also easy courses for those who are new to the sport would like to do give it a go. Bring a picnic lunch. There are plenty of good walks in the park if the courses aren't long enough for you. Park gate closes at 8.00pm. 
Travel directions: Travel to Charteris Bay and enter Orton Bradley Park. Drive all the way through to the last picnic area (not the Base Camp building area).
The event centre is at the far picnic area.
Couse starts: 10:00am - 13:00pm; course closure 14:30. 
Water: There is limited water on Long Red, Med Red, Short Red and Orange;
Sorry no dogs: Due to Orton Bradley Park being a working farm.
Note: that there is a park entry fee of $5 per adult, $1 per child, maximum $10 per car (cash only).  Annual members of Orton Bradley park are free.
Courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Short Red, Medium Red and Long Red
Map updates: There have been some fairly significant map updates to the map for Red and Orange competitors.
Map scale and course lengths:
Long Red [7.5km] & Medium Red [4.8km] at 1:10000.
Short Red [2.6] and Orange [3.2] are 1:7500.
White [1.8] and Yellow [1.1] at 1:4000 (ISSOM);

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