Woodend Domain

Sunday 20 May 2018
Woodend Domain
Event Type:
Forest training
Carsten Jøergensen
Carsten Jøergensen

A navigation training run in forest and dunes. An ideal training course for schools before NZSSOC 2018 (Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships). There will be orange/red level training (smaller markers). There will be a white and a yellow course with flags and SI using the schools training SI kit. 

Coaching available: Bring a compass if this is your first event and we will have someone on-hand to help you get started on map reading if this is your first time, or need a bit or revision.

Maps: available from 10am-10midday

Cost:  $2 for training, $5 for white/yellow, can use half a VIP clip for the white/yellow. Cash accepted before the event on the day.

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