Bromley / Dead Centre

Sunday 26 August 2018
Event Type:
Park event
Dougal Shepherd
David Pugh-Williams
Sue Cooke

Please wear a watch!

Scale: 1:7500 

Contours: 2.5m

Terrain:  The Bromley map has been called in the past 'Cuthbert's Green' but we prefer the name 'Dead Centre' for its abundance of tombstone navigation. The four large cemeteries, and the Cowles Stadium, provide some urban challenges to test your map contact skills. The map covers the residential area from Cowles Stadium in the north, to Eastgate shopping area in the South and has mostly flat, pavement running, so it is ideal for families and fast runners. Despite the title we do not want a post-apocalyptic horror scene, so orienteers will need to self-manage some road crossings with traffic. Who's coming back to run and walk with the dead?

Cost: See Event Fees.

Level: All 

Courses:  One hour street and park score event (Like a rogaine). White course in the park and maybe a Yellow course (TBC)

Start / finish: Score event registration from 10.15am, briefing at 10.50am, and a mass start at 11am.

Directions: Parking at Canterbury Indoor Bowls,  25 Kearneys Rd, Wainoni (Just off Pages Road before Cowles Stadium)






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