NZ Secondary Schools Champs - Relay

NZ Secondary Schools Champs 2018

Saturday 21 July 2018
"Pegasus" at Burwood
Event Type:
Carsten Jorgensen
Jenni Adams
Jan Harrison

Location: 25 minutes drive north of central Christchurch (and approx. 25 minutes back to Chch airport)

Scale: 1:10,000 Orange and Red; 1:7,500 Yellow and White

Contour Interval: tbc

Terrain: Plantation pine forest on sand dunes

Levels: All runners run Standard grade

Start times: First starts will be at 10.00am

"Official teams" are made up of 3 students of the same gender and from the same school, all of whom are eligible to compete in the class.
Composite teams of 3 students from different schools can also compete as non-competitive teams

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