Sunday 21 January 2018
Event Type:
Club Event
Kaia Joergensen
Jenni Adams

Come along and enjoy the beautiful Kairaki sand dunes for the first PAPO event of 2018. With some of the big events this year, such as Nationals and the Queens Birthday events, in sand dune terrain, PAPO is offering lots of sand dune events and trainings to help prepare.

Assembly area at the Pines Beach domain. Look for signs at the end of Beach Rd which runs east from Williams St in the southern part of Kaiapoi.

Normal range of courses; white, yellow, orange and 3 red length courses.

Mass start option at 11:30am for red courses: The red courses are planned with loops to allow for a mass start. If you would like to participate in the mass start register by 11am so that you can be at the start in time for the briefing at 11:15am. This is available for anyone wanting to do short, medium or long red. The mass start is optional and it is also fine to start individually within the normal start time range.

Start times available from 10:30am to 12:30pm
Course Closure: 2:30pm

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